Monster Scenery™: Container Shipyard

Created by Monster Fight Club

A complete line of containers to bring your tabletop wargames and miniature terrain to life. Collect 'em, build 'em, stack 'em!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Bollards, We’ve got em!!!
6 months ago – Thu, Oct 19, 2023 at 03:49:17 PM

With your help, our project is docking at success, and we've got the Kickstarter bollards to prove it. And now, so do you!

That's some good-looking bollards right there!
What the game mat looks like without these bad boys.

Next, up to unlock, we have more hab walls and for all you ship captains out there, Portholes! 

There is a joke in there somewhere, we think.

The community is growing one container set at a time, and we look forward to seeing all the crazy and imaginative setups everyone will do with them.

till next time, 

- Team Monster


Did someone ask for a joke?


Why did the bollard break up with the buoy? Because it couldn't handle the waves of emotion!

What did the sailor say to the bollard? "I'm knot leaving you!"

What did the ocean say to the bollard? Nothing, it just waved!

We've got a million of them.

New Hab Unit Design - Unlocked! (We can make a house out of anything!)
6 months ago – Wed, Oct 18, 2023 at 03:43:15 PM

Like the ebb and flow of the tide, so does our total amount pledged. 

When you have very large pledge levels people are constantly adjusting their pledges. We managed to break above the $45K mark today so we have unlocked our 3rd stretch goal. 

A unique Hab unit long wall and matching end cap set is now unlocked! These new super useful accessories will add even more variety to your hab containers.

We asked some of our graphics team to mock up some possible color schemes of how they may assemble and paint up their sets. This is what one of our designers,  Eli came up with. Check them out! 

We think these look great! What do you guys think?

digitally painted mock-ups

How do you plan to paint yours? 

And two points off the starboard bow, we see something on the horizon. The next unlock is in sight!

We can't wait to bring you even more!! 

- Team Monster

We can hardly contain(er) ourselves... Almost to the next stretch goal
6 months ago – Mon, Oct 16, 2023 at 02:53:51 PM

Happy Monday Everyone,

It was a pretty productive weekend for the Monster-in-Charge this past Saturday and Sunday. 

He managed to get some more hub unit walls prototyped and spent a little time updating the ventilation systems in our "Lazer" Room so that we can ramp up mass production on the ship decks and new building templates we have been working on.  He ran into some issues getting the correct fittings he needed to make everything work correctly so he ended up making his own. (Show off!)

If they don't have it, Make it!

Let's call the engine room and push those throttles full steam ahead because we're on a mission to conquer new horizons! (without falling over the edge!)

We're on the verge of unlocking the third stretch goal, a fun new hab unit design that will transport you straight into the post-apocalyptic/urban adventures of your dreams. It's so close you can taste the salt in the air!

Prototype goodness ^_^

The next image(s) was John doing fitting tests of some of the other "walls" in the hub unit sets. Turns out they make some pretty sweet bridges.

Instant Bridges!

This picture has a nice "Empire" vibe. :)

We got Death Star! We got Death Star!

Finally for today, here is a fun picture that we will fondly call, "That's a long way down!"

That's a long way down!

Oh! Almost forgot. We promised to give actual container measurements. The 20' Containers measure 65mm wide, 70mm tall, and 130mm long (approx 2.55in wide, 2.75in tall, 5.12in long in 'Merica)

Until tomorrow, Stay Ship-Shape!

Game ON!

- Team Monster